Mercedes-Benz C-Class Convertible

Mercedes-Benz discontinued the CLK coupe and convertible and released the E-class Coupe and Convertible as their successors. This made room for a cheaper (not smaller, because the E coupe and convertible were based on the C-class) coupe: the C coupe. The current generation will also feature a convertible model as well.

Mercedes-Benz C-class Convertible

The convertible will have a soft fabric roof like the current E-class convertible. Also the optional Airscarf and popup wind deflector above the windshield will be found on this C-class convertible.

Mercedes-Benz C-class convertible

The C-class convertible will be sold with several 4 and 6 cylinder diesel and petrol engines. Sadly, the C63 AMG version of this convertible is not in the pipeline at this moment.

Mercedes-Benz C-class Convertible