Opel Mokka facelift

The Opel / Vauxhall Mokka and even the Buick Encore are a big hit. The sales are very good and the segment is still getting more and more popular. Especially in Europe this is a big upcoming segment. The Opel Mokka is already a few years on the market and there are already spyshots of the facelifted model.

Opel Mokka facelift

The facelift will be minimal because the Opel Mokka is leading the sales charts, but a few retouches will make it more in line with the new Corsa and Astra. For instance a new front and rear bumper, a new grille and headlights will make the design more fresh. Also the lack of LED-rear lamps was one of the complaints of the motor journalists, so the facelifted version will probably get Astra K inspired rear lights.


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