2016 Opel / Vauxhall Astra K

A time ago I have rendered the Astra K based on the spyshots. However more information is published and new more revealing spyshots are found so I have updated the Astra K

Opel Astra K

The new Astra will share its platform with the new Chevrolet Cruze, Buick Verano and many others. There will be a wide variety of engines including small 3 cylinder turbo petrol engines, already found in the Corsa and Adam. The Astra will first be revealed as a 5 door hatchback, however a wagon, sporty 3 door, GTC and maybe even a sedan are on the planning as well. The new Astra will feature a lot of optional safety features, like city braking, blind spot warning etc, which are found on the new Corsa and new LED headlights are also on the option sheet.

Opel Astra K

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