Mercedes-Benz C class W205 Production versus Rendering

It’s always nice to see that the rendering, you made months ago, are looking a lot like the ‘real deal’. In this case it is the Mercedes-Benz C-class. There were a lot of spyshots of this car and it’s still one of the more popular cars in the world. Therefore I have rendered this car twice. First there were not a lot of spyshot to work with, but I thought it would look like the Mercedes S-class. After a few months, on my second try, the spyshots revealed a lot more, so it was easier to work with. Also, the Mercedes-Benz S-class was revealed, so I could use parts of that car.

As you can see the car looks quite the same, but some details are different.

The renderings from February 2013 are looking quite the same, even though the were not a lot of spyshots to work with.

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