Ford Mustang Sedan

The new Ford Mustang is revealed last week as a coupe and a convertible. But maybe there is some room for another variant of the Mustang, a 4-door coupe. The new Taurus will probably get an extended Fusion platform instead of a rear wheel drive platform, so Ford doesn’t have a sporty rear wheel drive sedan anymore. And there is the trend of making a 4 door coupe. Add those two together and you have the Ford Mustang Sedan.

Ford Mustang Sedan

3 thoughts on “Ford Mustang Sedan

  1. I love the original 2 door, and had a few mustangs in my lifetime. However, having pre-teens children, I seriously would like to buy a 4 door mustang along with the styling, power, Suspension handling packages and all of the bells & whistles . It seems that nowadays the only like minded 4 door muscle cars come from, either Europe or Japan, i.e.. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, Infiniti…..Making a 4 door Mustang GT available for middle aged family guys like me would be a brilliant thing for Ford to do. Cheers and I hope that it gets done!!!

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