Range Rover Sport II 2013/2014 Redesign

I’ve made already an Impression of the New Range Rover Sport a few months ago. After some comments and new Spyshots, I’ve made an Redesign to make it even more close to the production model.

New Range Rover Sport 2013 / 2014

Hope you like it!

8 thoughts on “Range Rover Sport II 2013/2014 Redesign

  1. It’s by far the best rendition I have seen! I asked because I thought you knew something about those rims being used. it actually gave me some comfort knowing it wont turn out as ugly as I thought because the latest spyshots looked very unappealing. How close did you render the spyshots of the 2013 range rover before it was revealed?

    1. Thanks! I have no inside information on the car, so I know as much as everyone else.
      I haven’t render the Range Rover Sport before the New Range Rover, but I think I would had used the Old Range Rover Sport and bits of the Evoque.


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