Impression: Mercedes E-class Shooting Brake

Ik heb de Shooting Brake versie gemaakt van de nieuwe E-klasse

I’ve made the Shooting Brake version off the new E-class

Mercedes-Benz is rumoured to be bringing to market a very interesting vehicle. In 2008 at the Paris Motor Show a concept called the Mercedes-Benz Concept Fascination was unveiled. Most believed it to be a mere concept of what an E-Class Coupe could look like for example, something of a preview. It turns out there were deeper plans for it than that.

Should this three-door estate really make it out of the concept phase it would become part of a growing lineup of cars based on the new E-Class. These are the sedan itself, the coupe, the convertible and the five-door estate. (

Mercedes E-class Shooting Brake

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